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How does this whole thing work?

Initial consultation

Once you have sent us an email expressing interest in having us design your website, we set up a free consultation. This interview may be in person (for clients in Rochester, New York), by phone at our expense (for US residents), through email, or through an instant messenger.

The initial consultation is where we get to know each other better. You can ask us any questions you have (about us or the web design process for example).

We discuss website creation logistics: Do you need to register a domain name ( Once the site is created, what are your options regarding hosting?

Then the important stuff starts: We ask you questions about your plans in regards to your website content, estimated size, database or application requirements, desired media, your timetable, and budget. This is when you let us know, in as much detail as you like, what you want your website to be. What do you want your website to accomplish? What type of content are you planning to have on the site (photo galleries, video, a database, a forum)? How do you want it to look/function?

What message do you wish to project to your visitors? Are there any existing websites that impress you? Do you have any sketches or flowcharts to illustrate your ideas?

This is also the time when you tell us about yourself or your company, business, or organization. You may choose to give us any of your print media, including pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, or portfolio samples. This information allows us to create a website that fits your established style.

Estimate and contract

Soon after the initial consultation we give a basic cost and timetable estimate based on our discussion and followup emails. We use a simple contract to ensure that both work and payment will be provided. We ask 50% of the estimated price up front and 50% after we upload the site to your chosen website host's server.

Once you have decided that you indeed would like us to design your website, we get to work!


With a clear idea of your website needs in mind, we sit down at the drawing board and design one or more custom layout-templates for your approval.

When we have created a layout with which you are satisfied, we get to work coding the site and adding your content.

As we design your site, we check in with you at regular intervals to make sure completed sections of the website meet with your approval. Our work-in-progress is also always available online for you, and only you, to see.

If, at any time, unforeseen costs arise, we let you know so that you can decide how you would like to proceed.


Once the site is in its final stages we test it on various platforms and browsers and with various users. At the moment we test on Windows XP Service Pack 3 Internet Explorer 8, latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, and Mac OS X 10.7 latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Testing on alternate platforms and browsers is possible as well.

We validate our sites' html code at, the World Wide Web consortium, which ensures that our code is standards-compliant. This is an extra assurance that our sites work across browsers and platforms now and will do so in future versions of the software.


When the site is complete, user-tested, and fully-functional, we upload it to the host of your choosing. If you so desire, we send you the finalized files digitally or on a CD or DVD.

If you choose to let us maintain or update your site, we next determine a maintenance schedule. Unscheduled updates are also available.

And there you have it! The Process. Not as complicated as it might have seemed.


If you are interested in setting up an initial consultation with us, or you have further questions, please contact us.

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